Pagination For Thesis

I think pagination is a buzz word for all CMS. In WordPress, default pagination is not attractive. So it will be better to use a plugin. And i wish you will think that wp-pagenavi is the best solution here. And it is too easy to integrate it in Thesis theme. As a Thesis theme user you are using thesis openhook plugin already.

Page Navi

Now just follow the steps to add pagenavi in Thesis theme.

  • Open Apperance > Thesis Openhook.
  • Find After Content.
  • Just paste the code in the box.
    <?php cr_pagenavi(); ?>
  • Check Execute PHP on this hook and click save.

All most have done, now enjoy.

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  1. Pantho Bihosh says:

    Thanks for this post. Please write a post about, how to create/write wordpress theme?

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